Rainbow for Africa is a non profit association dedicated to promote health in developing countries.
This blog is about volunteering, health promotion and awareness raising on the world of cooperation and on developing countries

About Us

Our Mission

Rainbow for Africa is an Italian non-profit association born in 2009 and mainly composed of doctors, nurses, and other personnel such as engineers.
Rainbow wishes to contribute to long-lasting development of Africa intervening primarily in the health sector to increase its quality and accessibility.
It's main activity in Africa is professional training of local health personnel; at the same time Rainbow for Africa is devoted to improve infrastructures and medical instruments available in place.
At the moment Rainbow for Africa mainly operates in Burkina Faso, Senegal, Ethiopia and Sierra Leone, countries characterized by a stable enough general context at the moment to allow a more structured and long-lasting intervention.
Usually our interventions last years, until fully proved achievement of the predetermined goals, expressed in terms of increased quality of the local health system and professional skills of the local personnel.
In Italy we participate in technological research aimed at improving the field of telemedicine, a modern instrument capable of allowing e-learning and classes from Italy to Africa.
We also promote in Italy the culture of cooperation and solidarity among the youth, participating at debates in schools and giving young students the chance to actively participate in our projects.
Rainbow for Africa - Crisis Unit - intervenes all over the world, mainly in the setting of emergencies or calamities, contributing to emergency relief by offering the cooperation of our medical personnel.

Our Values

Efficacy: we aim at improving everybody's quality of life through a deep process of context analysis directed to answering both expressed and unexpressed social and health needs. We want our activities to come from well stated objectives and to lead to real results by optimizing both time and resources.
Honesty: at the very base of our interventions there shall always be honesty and transparency. The common objective shall not be prevailed by individuals, and everybody shall always admit his own limits, ask for help whenever needed and improve himself.
Sharing: Trough mutual knowledge, we seek an understanding of mutual needs that may lead to better resource allocation and development in order to give everyone the same chances.