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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Ordinary Hero: Words from the front

Emergency is an italian NGO who has successfully deployed a medical team at Misurata; as they are providing cures to the civils wounded we managed to get in touch with Marina a nurse who has worked with us in our mission in Haiti.

Here is what she wrote us
"since this morning fights have intensified and we already have received 20 deads and 60 severely injured people - and it's still 3pm.
Security isn't great also because we can't manage to get sure informations and we aren't at the moment in our usual place. We believe this to be the only active hospital, since the other one was bombarded.
Locals can't get more of this: severely injured patients keep on arriving at the hospital, and many of them are already dead. too many of  them.
We are supposed to stay here for another week if nothing forces us to leave earlier, but even then leaving this place will be hard....
p.s. There is a desperate need of informing people about what is going on at Misurata, and an humanitarian aid must begin as soon as possible, or here there will be a massacre!
" (translation by Marco F)

Rainbow for Africa believes in mutual aid to reach concrete results; we therefore support Emergency NGO and send our best wishes to our friend and collegue Marina!

stand up you too...it's time to share!

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